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The Kuwaiti government stops issuing work permits to Egyptians
Radwa Saleh - 3 hours

Informed sources at the Ministry of Interior and the Public Authority for Manpower revealed that a decision was issued to stop issuing work permits to Egyptian workers, while setting new controls for granting them

Sahl application that contributes to establishing companies
Radwa Saleh - 21 hours

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has launched 6 new electronic services related to applications for establishing companies through the “Sahl Business” application for business owners, in order to improve the business environment and simplify...

Sultanate Oman announces holiday in 5 regions, enforces remote work due to rain
Asma Ahmed - 1 week

Oman has taken precautionary measures in response to challenging weather conditions by announcing the suspension of work in certain regions.

Oman: Nine dead, rescue operations continue amidst flash floods
Asma Ahmed - 1 week

At least nine people tragically lost their lives in Oman due to severe flooding, as floodwaters swept away their vehicles on Sunday.

Qatar launches daily Doha to Jakarta flights
Asma Ahmed - 2 weeks

Passengers now have the opportunity to access daily flights from Qatar to Jakarta following an announcement from Hamad International Airport regarding a new route offered by Garuda Indonesia.

Kuwait announces an official holiday this week due to the Majles Al Ummah elections
Ahmed Moawad - 3 weeks

The government of the State of Kuwait announced an official holiday in all sectors this week on the occasion of the National Assembly elections "Kuwait National Assembly" in the State of Kuwait.

Canada: police warn of Facebook Marketplace fraud in Ottawa
Asma Ahmed - 3 weeks

The Ottawa Police Service has highlighted a concerning trend regarding an uptick in scams occurring on Facebook Marketplace.

Urgent.. Kuwaiti Education cancels online classes starting March 31
Radwa Saleh - 3 weeks

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Education announced the start of in-person classes in all schools during the period from next Sunday, March 31, until Monday, April 8.

The Sultan of Oman makes important amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure
Radwa Saleh - 4 weeks

Today, sources revealed three royal decrees issued by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq the Great, may God protect and preserve him.

Top 11 Beaches in UAE.. For rest and relaxation
Ahmed Moawad - 1 month

The United Arab Emirates are a group of seven independent emirates that form a federation in the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula. The culture of these emirates combines urbanisation with ancient tribal traditions. Abu Dhabi, the capital...

Kuwaiti government introduces a 3-month expat visa amnesty
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

Kuwait has recently announced a three-month amnesty program aimed at individuals who have violated residency laws within the country.

Oman announces Ramadan bus schedule connecting UAE and RAK
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

The Ramadan timetable for Ras Al Khaimah's transport authority (Rakta) has been released, which includes updated times for interstate buses as well as routes to Oman.

Bahrain provides a service for issuing a replacement for a lost passport
Radwa Saleh - 1 month

The Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs coordinated with the Information and e-Government Authority within the framework of expanding the scope of digital transformation initiatives, in order to provide the service of issuing a replacement...

The Saudi Royal Court announces the start date of the holy month of Ramadan 1445 AH
Abdallah Shahin - 1 month

The Saudi Royal Court and the committee for investigating the crescent of the holy month of Ramadan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced, a short while ago, that the sighting of the crescent of the holy month of Ramadan has been confirmed, so...

Urgent: The result of sighting the Ramadan crescent in the United Arab Emirates
Abdallah Shahin - 1 month

The Emirates News Agency and the Committee for Inquiry into the Holy Month of Ramadan in the United Arab Emirates announced, a short while ago, the confirmation of the sighting of the crescent of the Holy Month, so that tomorrow, Monday, March 11,...

Urgent.. Oman suspends studies in some governorates due to heavy rains
Radwa Saleh - 1 month

The Sultanate of Oman issued a decision to suspend studies for tomorrow, Tuesday, the 5th of this month, in all schools, whether foreign or government, and to continue studies on Wednesday, in order to ensure the safety of its children

Kuwait Affairs announces vacant supervisory positions in 28 cooperatives
Radwa Saleh - 1 month

Reliable sources revealed that the Ministry of Social Affairs will begin opening about 28 cooperative societies soon.

Kuwaiti Education announces its need for expatriate human resources in 2025
Radwa Saleh - 1 month

The Ministry of Education announced its need for non-Kuwaiti educational cadres for the next academic year 2024/2025 in 15 specializations for teachers, and 6 for female teachers with “university qualifications” to work in general education...

Kuwait Civil Affairs announces Vacancies in the government sector
Radwa Saleh - 1 month

The head of the Civil Service Bureau, Dr. Issam Al-Rubaian, revealed the start of the 86th period for registering Kuwaitis seeking work, and to fill vacant positions in government sectors.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior receives visit requests for specific countries
Radwa Saleh - 1 month

The Ministry of Interior announced the opening of the door to receive applications for visas and joining a family by residents of different nationalities in Kuwait.

Announcing the date of the first day of Ramadan 1445 astronomical
Abdallah Shahin - 1 month

Eng. Mohamed Shawkat Odeh, Director of the International Astronomy Center, stated that many Islamic countries will observe the Ramadan crescent on Sunday, March 10. The central conjunction will occur at 9 a.m. GMT on that day, and the moon will not...

Palestinian PM announces government resignation amid political pressure
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh's announcement of his resignation on Monday has stirred discussions amid the backdrop of increasing pressure from the United States on President Mahmoud Abbas to reform the Palestinian Authority.

The Sabah government provides job security for citizens
Radwa Saleh - 2 months

The Ministerial Committee for Economic Affairs held a meeting chaired by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Sabah, to discuss a number of national issues, including improving people’s lives, providing the necessary means to...

The Kuwaiti Civil Service nominates new registrants in the employment system
Radwa Saleh - 2 months

The Council of Ministers announced in one of its sessions, in accordance with the instructions of His Highness the Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad, to cancel the decision to stop appointment, promotion, transfer and assignment to all state agencies...