Kuwait Affairs announces vacant supervisory positions in 28 cooperatives

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Reliable sources revealed that the Ministry of Social Affairs will begin opening about 28 cooperative societies soon.

Therefore, the Ministry published a number of advertisements to fill its supervisory positions successively, amounting to about 100 positions, which varied between general directors and their deputies, in addition to department heads, which are the largest number of vacancies that will be announced, so that all cooperative vacancies can be filled as soon as possible, and the names of the people who will be announced, They have been selected for these positions.

The sources reported that the Ministry of Social Affairs is one of the representatives of the Quartet Committee charged with studying nomination files and conducting personal interviews related to the Kuwaitization of jobs in cooperative societies.

The sources continued that the Ministry of Affairs has begun conducting personal interviews for citizens wishing to join the positions of general manager and department head at the Al-Naseem Cooperative Society, explaining that the recruitment interviews will be conducted at the Sabah Al-Salem Society to select a deputy director for financial and administrative affairs.

The Ministry of Affairs noted that the committee will include in its membership a number of representatives of public bodies, the workforce, and the Federation of Associations, in addition to a representative of the association wishing to employ, and its job meetings will also be intensified as compensation for the period of suspension that followed the decision to “stop appointments", which extended for more than two months.

The sources also confirmed that the issue of Kuwaitization is witnessing broad interest and unlimited support by the Council of Ministers, and close follow-up by the Minister of Affairs, Sheikh Firas Al-Malik, and the committee concerned with modifying the demographic composition and developing the labor market.

The sources revealed that the competent committee to arbitrate the annual evaluations of ministry employees who do not have direct officials completed its tasks last week, as about 581 employees in all sectors were evaluated, and they may include employees of the Social Development Office.

The sources pointed out that the “Administrative Affairs” is in the process of introducing the annual evaluations of employees into the automated system of the Civil Service Bureau to join its counterparts whose evaluations were recently introduced so that those who received excellence evaluations can be counted to begin preparing for the disbursement of excellent work rewards and promotions by selection.

The sources indicated that wages for excellent work are determined according to job grade and title, with a maximum of 2,000 dinars for assistant agents, 1,500 dinars for department managers, 1,250 dinars for supervisors, and 1,000 dinars for department heads. As for fourth-grade employees, it is 800, and 600 for the fifth to eighth grades, and 300 for assistant grades, As for those working on hiring services, they must contact the Civil Service Commission to obtain its approval.

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