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Oman announces public holiday for schools on February 25th
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

On Sunday, February 25, all schools in the Sultanate of Oman, whether public or private, will be closed as a mark of respect for teachers.

The Bahraini Parliament issues a decision regarding living and retirement
Radwa Saleh - 2 months

Representatives of both the Shura and Representatives Councils held a meeting to restructure government support, headed by MP Abdulnabi Salman Ahmed. The first was for the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Jamal Fakhro, the First Deputy...

Qatar Airways and Visit Qatar announce the temporary suspension of its flights
Radwa Saleh - 2 months

Visit Qatar and Qatar Airways announced the launch of special flight packages for passengers traveling via Qatar Airways, and called these packages “Temporary Stopover Packages in Doha,” during a meeting held by Mr. Saad bin Ali Al Kharji,...

Gulf Bank of Kuwait announces a number of new banking services through its app
Radwa Saleh - 2 months

In 2022, Gulf Bank of Kuwait launched the latest version of its applications on smartphones, as a means of completing its plans for digital transformation, within its 2025 strategy, and its continuous endeavor to improve the customer experience.

Kuwait Meteorology warns its citizens against changing weather conditions
Radwa Saleh - 2 months

Director of the Department, Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, stated that the current weather in Kuwait is warm and partly cloudy, with moderate to active southeasterly to southwesterly winds, ranging in speed between 20 and 55 kilometers per hour, filled with...

Urgent.. Oman announces the disruption of work in the public and private sector
Radwa Saleh - 2 months

Meteorology announced that most of the governorates of the Sultanate of Oman will be exposed, starting tomorrow, to some climate fluctuations and heavy thunderstorms.

Sultanate oman: The date of Ramadan 2024 and the fasting hours
Ahmed Moawad - 2 months

Muslims around the world and in the Sultanate of oman are awaiting the arrival of the month of Ramadan, according to what was announced by astronomical calculations conducted by the Department of Astronomical Affairs at the Ministry of Endowments and...

Qatar Declares National Sports Day 2024 Public Holiday
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

Qatar has declared February 13 as a national holiday, marking National Sports Day 2024. This announcement was made by the Amiri Diwan, as confirmed by a message on the state-run news agency QNA.

Kuwait launches tax agreement with UAE to enhance economic integration
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

The Finance Minister highlighted the recent agreement between Kuwait and the UAE as a pivotal measure to combat tax evasion and avoidance by ensuring there is no double taxation on income and capital taxes.

Kuwait announces new visit visa rules, including 53 visa-on-arrival countries
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

Kuwait has declared its intention to recommence the issuance of visit visas for various purposes, including family visits, tourism, and commercial activities.

Kuwaiti government announces the launch of part-time expat work permits
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

Kuwait has introduced a significant change in its labor policies by initiating the issuance of part-time work permits for expatriates within the country.

Oman Air announces the cancellation of some flights
ahmed atef - 2 months

Within the framework of its strategy to enhance its financial performance, the national airline of Oman has made adjustments to the destinations it serves as well as the frequency of its flights to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Kuwait resumes family visas with updated criteria, exemptions and application
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

The Ministry of Interior in Kuwait has reopened the application process for expatriates to request family visas, allowing them to sponsor their wives and children.

Kuwait announces changes to expatriate visas
Muhamed abdo - 2 months

It was stated by Kuwait that beginning on January 28th, family visas for expatriates will once again be available

The General Insurance Authority in Bahrain increases in the pension of Retirees
Radwa Saleh - 2 months

The CEO of the General Authority for Social Insurance, Eman Mustafa Al-Mirbati, revealed to Bahrain that public sector employees can obtain a retirement pension of 90% of the salary they received while performing their work.

Kuwait Airways is considering the decision to reduce the cost of flight prices
Radwa Saleh - 2 months

One reliable source announced that the Board of Directors of Kuwait Airways is currently discussing the decision to reduce flight prices.

Steps to Check and Pay Traffic Fines in Sharjah UAE 2024
Muhamed abdo - 2 months

We explain to you how to check and pay traffic fines in Sharjah online via the Internet via the Sharjah Police website in the United Arab Emirates 2024

The Kawader platform of the Ajman government offers a number of vacant jobs
Radwa Saleh - 2 months

The “Kawader” platform, affiliated with the Human Resources Department of the Ajman Government, announced a number of vacant jobs for citizens, in six government agencies and one semi-government agency.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Education reveals the list of the new educational system
Radwa Saleh - 3 months

Since his appointment last November, Director of the Coordination and Follow-up Department at the Ministry of Education, Miteb Al-Otaibi, has made a qualitative leap in this department, especially with the educational and technical development.

Kuwaiti Residential Company takes the decision to allocate the South Saad Al-Abd
Radwa Saleh - 3 months

the Public Authority for Housing Welfare today raised the historical allotment capacity for the South Qastum Saad Al-Abdullah project until June 30, 2007 and before.

Canada: Two people died after suffering cardiac arrest while shoveling snow
Asma Ahmed - 3 months

Amid a recent snowstorm in Canada, tragedy struck as two individuals lost their lives on Saturday due to heart attacks while engaged in the strenuous activity of shoveling snow.

Saudi Arabia issues 5 new types of visas to attract expatriates
ahmed atef - 3 months

In an effort to strengthen the country's position as a worldwide hub, Saudi Arabia has launched five new categories of visas, which are collectively referred to as "Premium Residency products." These visas are designed to entice...

Kuwaiti private universities set the date for joining internal scholarships
Radwa Saleh - 3 months

The General Secretariat of the Private Universities Council revealed the opening of enrollment in the vacancy plan for internal scholarships for high school graduates for the second semester of the year "2023-2024".

Emirati police arrest infiltrators who tried to enter the UAE illegally
Ahmed Moawad - 3 months

The police forces in the United Arab Emirates were able to thwart an attempt to arrest an infiltrator who entered the UAE territory illegally.