The Bahraini Parliament issues a decision regarding living and retirement

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Representatives of both the Shura and Representatives Councils held a meeting to restructure government support, headed by MP Abdulnabi Salman Ahmed. The first was for the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Jamal Fakhro, the First Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council, in the presence of members of the office The two chambers representing members of the legislative authority in the joint committee.

Three main bonuses were proposed, and the committee is continuing its work to agree on the remaining bonuses, indicating that The allowances that were initially agreed upon are allowances for people with disabilities, to be divided into three categories according to the severity of the disability Between (simple, moderate, and severe), the living improvement allowance for retirees, and the high cost allowance.

The sources indicated that representatives of both councils reached a preliminary agreement on disbursing the housing allowance starting from applying for the housing unit, and it was determined The end of next March is the time limit for completing the committee’s work.

The sources revealed that the six bonuses negotiated by the legislative and executive authorities are as follows: (People with disabilities, social security, living improvement allowance for retirees, high cost allowance, rent allowance, housing allowance, support Food commodities (meat and flour).

Leave for private sector employees:

The Services Committee of the House of Representatives expressed its approval of a proposal to make amendments to the “Work in the Private Sector” law, making the weekly rest no less than 48 hours, making the duration of the weekly leave one of the working days, and paying the worker additional wages when assigned to work that was not agreed upon, and a period was set. The care granted to a working woman to take care of her children with the approval of the employer.

The sources reported that the condition related to the worker spending three months in the employer’s service for the purpose of entitlement to sick leave has been cancelled, explaining that these legal amendments aim to achieve the rules of social justice, take into account the humanitarian conditions of the worker, take into account the worker’s health conditions during the trial period, and take into account the conditions of women, A worker who deserves hours to care for her newborn.

The Free Union concluded by saying that it is necessary to amend the total working hours, so that the worker is not employed for more than 5 days a week, while the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry saw the necessity of maintaining the current labor law in force, as it came in line with and balanced between the employers and the worker, to regulate the relationship by ensuring the minimum rights.

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