The Sultan of Oman makes important amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure

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Today, sources revealed three royal decrees issued by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq the Great, may God protect and preserve him.

The sources indicated that the first Royal Decree No. 18/2024 was concerned with making an amendment to the Code of Criminal Procedure, while the second Royal Decree No. 19/2024 issued the Sultan Qaboos University system.

While the Third Royal Decree No. 20/2024 stipulates the establishment of a body called the “Financial Services Authority” that will have a legal personality, enjoy financial and administrative independence, and be affiliated with the Council of Ministers, and its headquarters will be in the Muscat Governorate, His Majesty also authorized the establishment of its branches in other governorates.

The sources explained that the decree stipulates that all allocations, assets, rights, obligations, and assets of the Capital Market Authority shall be transferred to the Financial Services Authority.

His Majesty also ordered the transfer of all employees of the General Authority to it with their same financial grades to the Capital Market, and the jurisdiction of regulating the profession of accounting and auditing shall be transferred from the Ministry of Finance,Trade, Industry and Investment Promotion to the Financial Services Authority.

The phrase "Capital Market Authority", which appears in all laws and royal decrees, will also be changed to the phrase “Financial Services Authority,” and the phrases “Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Capital Market Authority” and “CEO of the Capital Market Authority” will be replaced with the phrases “Chairman of the Board of Director of financial Services Authority” and “Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Services Authority”.

Meteorology warns of Tuesday weather:

Oman Meteorology issued that the expected weather condition is fair with the flow of high and medium clouds over most of the governorates of the Sultanate of Oman, with the possibility of cloud formation, and scattered rain falling on the Hajar Mountains during the afternoon and evening periods.

It also expected that low clouds would form late at night and early in the morning over parts of the South Al Sharqiyah, North Al Sharqiyah, and Al Wusta governorates, with the possibility of increasing the chances of dust and dust rising due to active wind movement over desert and open areas.

The Civil Aiation Authority also advised everyone to exercise caution and caution during rainfall and valley flow, and the low horizontal visibility expected to occur with the arrival of the air gully in the atmosphere of the Sultanate of Oman tomorrow, Tuesday.

The sources revealed that the latest analyzes of the National Early Warning Center warn of multiple risks, the possibility of the atmosphere of the Sultanate of Oman being affected by a depression starting the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, and continuing until Wednesday, the 27th of this month.

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