UAE Launches 30-Minute Return Document Service for Citizens Abroad

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced a significant reduction in the processing time for issuing a return document for Emirati citizens abroad.

Efficient Return Documents for Emirati Citizens Abroad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has revolutionized the issuance process for return documents for Emirati citizens abroad. Formerly taking three to five days, the service is now completed within a maximum of 30 minutes. This digital transformation caters to instances of loss, damage, or expiration of regular passports.

Swift Digital Delivery

Emirati citizens can now receive their return documents via email, eliminating the need for physical visits to state missions for emergency passports. The 24/7 digital service is accessible through the official website,, or the UAE MOFA electronic application.

Effortless Application Process

The application involves three simple steps: logging in via digital ID, submitting necessary documents, and receiving the return document via email. The service is free and includes specific documents based on circumstances, such as a copy of the lost passport and a loss report for lost passports, a copy of the expired passport for expiration cases, and a written letter or a copy of the damaged passport for cases of passport damage.

Seamless Process for Emirati Children Born Abroad

Emirati children born abroad can also benefit from the streamlined service. Applying through the digital ID on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or the UAE MOFA smart application requires specific documents, including a certified copy of the child's birth certificate, a copy of the father's passport, a copy of the mother's passport, a copy of the complete family book, and a copy of the marriage contract. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the resident country and the representative office abroad should certify all of these documents.

Revolutionizing Emirati Travel

This initiative aligns with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' commitment to providing simplified, proactive digital services. Emirati travelers can now access faster and more convenient return document services, receiving them via email without fees or the need to visit embassies or consulates. Applications can be submitted through the Emirati Traveler page on the Ministry's official website or the UAE MOFAIC smart application.

Expanded Attestation Services

The Ministry has extended its attestation service for official documents and certificates. Applicants can apply through the official website or the Ministry's electronic application. A new delivery service has also been introduced for attested documents in specific countries, including the Republic of Korea, the Republic of India, and the Republic of the Philippines, ensuring efficient and smooth service delivery.

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