A hail storm destroys cars and the walls of buildings in the UAE

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Hailstorms in the United Arab Emirates obliterate vehicles and building walls.

As a result of the hailstorm, people in Al Ain are dealing with damage to their vehicles, schools, and stores.

As far as foreigners are concerned, the ferocity with which Garden City was struck by frozen stones was "unlike anything experienced" in the past several decades.

Despite the fact that hail fell like white rain in Al Ain, which sparked popular videos across the United Arab Emirates, things were not looking good for people who lived in the Garden City.

The hailstorm that residents are referring to as a "never-seen-before hailstorm" caused automobiles and shops all across the city to sustain damage. A few residents shared their predicament with the media.

Buildings sustain damage in Al Ain due to a hailstorm.

The hailstorm that occurred in Al Ain caused damage to buildings in the city.

Agata, a Polish national who lives in Al Ain with her two dogs, was taken aback when the hail, which served as nature's alarm and awakened her up, presented her with an unexpected set of circumstances. It was then that I noticed a white wall outside of my home and heard a loud banging on the roof. It lasted for a considerable amount of time. The sky was cloudy and black in color.

Other photographs that her friends have sent her show that the compound that is located close to the Al Tawam hospital has sustained significant damage as a result of the hail. As a result of the storm, the paint on a number of walls was repeatedly scraped off in a variety of locations.

An expat from Sudan named Muna Elsiddig, who has been living in Al Ain for sixteen years, stated that the hailstorm was a new experience for her and her family. "This kind of storm has never shown itself to us before. We had not experienced a hailstorm in seven years, and the one that we did experience was not particularly severe. This was indeed a one-of-a-kind experience.

School buildings affected in Al Ain due to a hail storm.

In Al Ain, a hailstorm caused damage to a number of various school buildings.

In 1980, Zahid Sarosh, who is now the Chief Executive Officer of a chain of schools in Al Ain, relocated to the city. In spite of the fact that he has been absent for around twelve years in between, he has never seen something of this magnitude.

All of the people I know have had some kind of damage to their automobiles or their own properties. The windshields of both my car and the automobile that my parents drive were damaged. After a few days, I will contact the police station to file my insurance claim because I am certain that they are now overwhelmed with a large amount of work.

The hurricane had a significant impact on the schools that Zahid is in charge of overseeing. Today's students participated in a remote learning study. We have, however, made an effort to contact the relevant authorities in order to obtain authorization to continue with the remote learning for at least two more days. Given the current state of affairs, it is quite unlikely that we will be able to hold classes.

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