A new application saves renters in Dubai thousands of dirhams

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Renters in Dubai can save thousands of dirhams using a new application. dubai renters can save thousands of dirhams

In Dubai, renters can save thousands of dirhams with the help of a new program.

Dubai renters can save thousands of dirhams with the help of this new software.

Describe how this brand-new application will help renters in Dubai save thousands of dirhams.

Takeem lets users assess their landlords and the services they receive, digitize rentals, handle payments, and offer insurance.

Renters in the nation might save as much as Dh3 billion annually thanks to a new app that digitizes every stage of the rental procedure. At the App Olympics on Thursday, Takeem—which will digitize contracts and guarantee on-time rent payments—was selected as the winner of their Best Advanced category.

Rakesh Mavath, the founder, outlined the plan for saving the funds. Tenants typically have to pay a five percent security deposit in addition to five percent agency costs, he said.

The renter only has to pay 3% of the transaction charge, 1% of the security deposit insurance, and 1% of the rental guarantee insurance when using Takeem. Thus, they will only be required to pay a total of 5 percent, as opposed to 10 percent, Rakesh informed.

The Takeem application solves the crisis of rental disputes in Dubai.

The Takeem app provides a solution to Dubai's rental dispute problem: Rakesh came up with the concept after his landlord moved out without giving him his security deposit back. Although it wasn't much money, he remembered that it was inconvenient at the time.

Many of my coworkers that I spoke with have experienced the same problem. I therefore started to consider a solution to this.

Advantages of using the Takeem application for renters in Dubai.

benefits for Dubai tenants of utilizing the Takeem app: He devised the concept for an app that digitizes the whole rental procedure. The whole rental procedure takes twelve steps here in Dubai, he claimed. Only the first of those is digitalized. Handwork Handwork is required to complete the remaining tasks. Our goal is to make renting as simple as placing an online grocery purchase or ordering takeout.

In addition to digitizing rentals, handling payments, and offering insurance, the app lets users assess their landlords and the services they receive. "We read reviews of even a Dh10 item before purchasing because we live in a review culture," he said. However, why can't we read reviews of the Dh100,000 apartment that will be your house for the upcoming 12 months?

Rakesh claims that Takeem's distinctive feature is its provision of all the necessities for a renter. You can locate whatever you need on this app, including cleaners and insurance, he said. Thus, the only reason you will need to leave your home is to conduct a thorough inspection of the home you plan to move into. You can rely on the app for anything else.

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