Abu Dhabi Authority announces the launch of first "smog-free-tower" in the UAE

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The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), in collaboration with Modon Properties, unveiled the Middle East's inaugural smog-free tower situated on Hudayriat Island.

This innovative structure represents a breakthrough in urban design, aiming to improve air quality in the vicinity while offering a glimpse into a cleaner, greener future. Mohamed Ahmed Al Bowardi, Vice Chairman of EAD and Chairman of its Executive Committee, highlighted EAD's ongoing efforts to monitor air quality across Abu Dhabi using an extensive network of monitoring stations, considered one of the most comprehensive in the Middle East and North Africa region. Al Bowardi expressed plans to explore the potential deployment of smog-free towers in other areas of Abu Dhabi following the pilot project's evaluation on Al Hudayriyat Island.

Standing at seven meters tall, the tower employs environmentally friendly positive ionization technology to cleanse the surrounding air, purifying approximately 30,000 cubic meters per hour. This technology creates a smog-free environment in public spaces, enabling people to breathe clean air and enjoy outdoor activities. Shaikha Al Dhaheri, EAD’s Secretary-General, emphasized the selection of Hudayriat Island as an ideal location due to its role as a community hub offering various outdoor activities. The tower's presence encourages individuals with sensitivities to access outdoor spaces without concerns about dust, thereby promoting outdoor engagement.

Bill O’Regan, CEO of Modon Properties, underscored the company's commitment to sustainability by incorporating initiatives like the smog-free tower into their projects. He highlighted the collaboration with EAD as part of Modon's dedication to environmental stewardship, particularly in the year of sustainability.

The Smog-Free Tower initiative aligns with the Memorandum of Understanding between EAD and Modon Properties, aiming to implement environmental initiatives to mitigate air pollution and protect natural resources. This endeavor contributes to Abu Dhabi's broader efforts to achieve the objectives of the UAE 2050 Climate Neutrality Strategic Initiative, emphasizing sustainability and environmental preservation.

Having been successfully introduced in various countries worldwide, including China, the Netherlands, and Poland, the Smog-Free Tower now marks its debut in the Middle East region, symbolizing a step forward in combating air pollution and promoting cleaner urban environments.

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