Abu Dhabi Police warns citizens and residents driving on highways tomorrow

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A warning has been issued to residents and citizens of Abu Dhabi who drive their vehicles on roadways tomorrow.

Abu Dhabi, UAE - In a powerful public safety campaign, Abu Dhabi Police released dramatic footage captured on roadways across the emirate, showcasing the devastating consequences of stopping a vehicle in the middle of the road.

Abu Dhabi Police warns citizens and residents driving on highways tomorrow

The compilation video features a series of avoidable accidents, each one serving as a stark reminder for motorists. One particularly alarming clip depicts a white van colliding with a parked vehicle, its hazard lights clearly visible, before careening into another car. Another scene shows a car traveling at high speed slamming into a vehicle that abruptly stopped in the middle of a busy motorway, triggering a multi-vehicle pile-up. The footage continues with harrowing visuals of vehicles swerving to avoid wreckage and debris scattered across the road.

The campaign concludes with a chilling scene of a car rear-ending a vehicle stopped in the middle lane of a motorway, before swerving dangerously into another lane.

"The Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate strongly warns motorists of the extreme dangers associated with stopping in the middle of the road," stated Abu Dhabi Police in a social media post.

The authorities emphasized the importance of moving vehicles to the nearest safe parking spot or the hard shoulder in case of an emergency. If neither option is available, drivers are urged to immediately contact the police for assistance.

Abu Dhabi Police's strategic use of social media to share graphic footage of traffic violations serves as a powerful deterrent, raising public awareness about the potentially life-threatening consequences of reckless driving behavior.

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