An expat driver wins 20 million dirhams in the UAE

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Twenty million dirhams are awarded to a motorist who is an expat in the United Arab Emirates.

In the United Arab Emirates, a motorist from Al Ain was awarded the grand prize of twenty million dirhams in the Big Ticket draw.

A group of thirty individuals who contributed to the purchase of the ticket will receive a portion of the payment from Munavar Fairoos.

An Indian expatriate in the UAE wins 20 million dirhams.

Twenty million dirhams are awarded to an Indian expatriate who lives in the United Arab Emirates.

Al Ain resident Munavar Fairoos, who works as a private driver, was the lucky winner of the Dh20 million grand prize in the most recent Big Ticket Live draw. He scooped the jackpot just before the New Year. In addition to Munavar, the prize will be split among the thirty individuals who contributed to the purchase of the ticket.

The Big Ticket client, who had previously lived in Abu Dhabi, claims that he has been purchasing tickets on a monthly basis for the past five years and that he was taken aback when he found out that he had won a significant amount of money.

"I'm not sure yet because I really did not expect this to happen," the Indian expat said in response to a question about his plans for the money. "I'm not sure yet because I really did not expect this to happen." I am still in a state of shock, and I will need some time to consider the various choices available to me. A group of thirty people bought the big prize, and they will all receive equal shares of it.

10 expatriates in the UAE win 100,000 dirhams.

One hundred thousand dirhams will be awarded to ten expats living in the United Arab Emirates.

There were an additional ten lucky winners declared during the live draw that took place on the afternoon of December 31. These winners were of Indian, Palestinian, Lebanese, and Saudi Arabian nationalities, and each of them received cash rewards worth UAE 100,000.

It was announced on the same day that Suthesh Kumar Kumaresan had been selected as the fourth weekly e-draw winner for the month of December. He was awarded Dh1 million as his prize. When traveling, the Abu Dhabi resident who works as an engineer for Etihad Airways makes it a habit to buy his tickets at the in-store counters at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

While he was on his way back to the United Arab Emirates from a holiday he had taken with his family, he purchased his winning ticket in accordance with this practice. According to what he shared with personnel from Big Ticket, "My daughter, who is seven years old, was the one who actually chose the winning ticket numbers." "The victory has brought a great deal of joy to my family. A home in India was purchased by us, and we intend to use the money to pay off the interest on the loan.

One lucky person will be selected as the grand prize winner throughout the month of January, and they will be awarded Dh15 million during the live draw that will take place on February 3.

Customers who purchase their Dream Car tickets beginning on January 1 will also have the opportunity to win a Maserati Grecale on March 3. This opportunity will be available to them.

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