Dubai announces a new 5-year multiple-entry tourist visa in UAE ... Details

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Dubai has announced the introduction of a new tourist visa that allows repeated entries for a period of five years

According to the Dubai authorities, who verified this information to Khaleej Times on Friday, the five-year multiple-entry visa is available to visitors of all nations and has been available for the past two years.

new 5-year multiple-entry tourist visa

It was claimed on Thursday by a number of Indian media sites that a new visa that allows Indian visitors to enter several times and is valid for five years had been introduced. In the United Arab Emirates, the multiple-entry permit was initially announced in 2021, and shortly thereafter, the initial visas were distributed.

During a travel expo that took place in Mumbai this week, the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) brought attention to this with the intention of boosting tourism from one of its most important markets.

The visa, which is provided between two to five working days after the service request has been received and accepted, grants the bearer the right to remain in the nation for a period of ninety days, with the possibility of extending their stay for an additional term of the same length, with a maximum stay of one hundred eighty days in a single year.
One of the most senior officials in the United Arab Emirates stated that the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism has been receiving an excessive number of requests about the five-multiple-entry tourist visa over the course of the previous two years.

multiple-entry tourist visa in UAE

This visa has become a game-changer, reducing hurdles for last-minute travel and emerging as the preferred alternative for regular travelers, according to a post that was made on LinkedIn by Bader Ali Habib, who is the regional head of proximity markets for the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism.

In the article, it was said that "the amount of inquiries we have been receiving from India over the course of the last two years on this visa category has been overwhelming."

Ali Habib emphasized the adaptability of the visa, which enables travelers to spend extended periods of time with their families, interact with their friends, and participate in either business or leisure activities. It was said by him that the plan to provide multiple entrance visas for a period of five years is a strategic move towards strengthening our already existing connections with India. Not only will this historic milestone make it possible for Indian visitors to have an experience that is both longer and more enriching, but it will also give a platform for further economic partnership.

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