Dubai arrests an expatriate and warns everyone to abide by it

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Dubai Police arrests an Arab expatriate and warns all expatriates and citizens to adhere to law and order

While he was begging close to a mosque, the police in this area detained a young guy who was dressed in clothes that was often worn by Arab women.

Dubai arrests an expatriate

According to the Department of Suspects and Criminal Phenomena in the General Department of Criminal Investigation of the Dubai Police, the young Arab male was attempting to extort money from individuals in the vicinity of a mosque while he was dressed as a lady who was wearing a "abaya and niqab."

A niqab is a garment that Muslim women in the Middle East wear in order to conceal their body and face, with the exception of their eyes. An abaya is a baggy over-garment and robe-like outfit that is often black in color.

The arrest is a component of the "Combat Begging" campaign, which was initiated by the police in collaboration with key partners. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about the significance of preserving the civilized image of the country by putting a stop to the practice.

Using the argument that female beggars typically garner more sympathy than their male counterparts, the individual stated that he was justified in his decision to disguise himself. An someone from the community made a report to the General Department of Operations, which ultimately led to the arrest being made. It emphasizes the need of public collaboration in areas pertaining to these problems.

The Director of the Department, Brigadier Ali Salem Al Shamsi, emphasized the extent that beggars will go to in order to take advantage of the kindness of the general people, particularly during critical occasions such as the holy month.

In order to encourage the community to be careful of the manipulations that these persons engage in, he brought attention to the fact that the stories that they tell frequently veer greatly from the truth.

Messages to the general population

In addition, Al Shamsi emphasized the need of the general people refraining from providing money to beggars. He emphasized that there are established and legitimate routes through which individuals who are in actual need of assistance can seek assistance.

In addition, he brought to everyone's attention that, according to Federal Law No. 9 of 2018, begging is a criminal offense, and he cautioned against the practice because of the negative impact it has on the image of society.

Furthermore, Al Shamsi suggested not reacting to the pleadings of beggars or dealing with them based on sympathy. He also encouraged reporting beggars promptly through the contact center which can be reached at (901) or through the "Police Eye" service that is available on the smart app of the Dubai Police Department.

In addition, he cautioned the general population from falling prey to empathetic online messages from beggars on social media and emails that featured bogus claims, and he asked them to disregard such communications.

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