Dubai Court fines a resident 100.000 dirhams and orders his deportation from the Emirates

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The Dubai Criminal Court fined a resident of the Emirates from an Asian country an amount of 100,000 Emirati dirhams, on charges of smuggling drugs inside his stomach, and deported him from the Emirates after completing the prison sentence previously set by the court, which is 10 years in prison.

The Criminal Court in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, convicted the Asian resident in the Emirates of bringing and possessing narcotic substances inside his stomach, before the passport inspector caught him at Dubai Airport.

It is noteworthy that the details of the case date back to last October, when security personnel inside Dubai International Airport became suspicious of the resident traveler when he arrived from his home country on a flight.

The security man who suspected the traveler explained that he was asked to disclose any narcotic substances in his possession, but he denied it.

The inspector continued that when the accused's bags were searched, no prohibited materials were found, but he showed signs of tension and anxiety, and he admitted that he had narcotic substances inside his stomach, so he was asked to pass through the passenger screening device, and indeed it was found that there was a foreign body inside his stomach, so the police were informed. In fact.

A policeman reported during the investigations that the accused was transferred to the hospital to remove what was inside his body, and the suspicious materials were transferred to the forensic laboratory, where it was found that the seized narcotic “mephedone” weighed 73 grams.

The accused admitted during investigations that he had brought narcotic substances from his home country for the purpose of personal use and treatment. The court found him guilty in its aforementioned ruling.

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