Dubai Court obligates a company to pay 200,000 dirhams to a resident charges of forgery

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The Dubai Civil Court ordered a company in Dubai to pay financial compensation to one of its residents. The court ruled that the company be removed by paying 200,000 UAE dirhams in compensation after Al Shukra accused him of forging complex papers to increase his dues.

The details of the case come back after the employee filed a lawsuit with the Civil Court in Dubai, in which he asked the company he works for in Dubai to pay a sum of 500 thousand UAE dirhams, after the company filed a false lawsuit against him to force him to waive his labor benefits to the company.

The employee explained that the false complaint submitted by the company resulted in a travel ban, in addition to preventing him from visiting his sick mother and attending the last rites in his homeland.

It is noteworthy that the company in Dubai filed a lawsuit against its employee and accused him in a police report of forging his employment contract to increase his basic salary to 20,000 dirhams instead of 5,000 dirhams, according to a report by the Arabic daily newspaper “Emirates Al-Youm.”

The Criminal Court acquitted the employee, considering that the complaint filed by the company’s owners was malicious and aimed only at forcing him to give up his labor benefits.

The Dubai Criminal Court also ruled to compensate the employee with a sum of 200,000 dirhams, in addition to a five percent legal interest. It also obligated the defendants to pay expenses, fees, and attorney fees.

The court explained in the merits of its ruling that the employee suffered financial losses and psychological distress due to the defendants’ actions, including preventing him from traveling for a period of nine months, which prevented him from seeing his sick mother. When she died, he was unable to attend her burial due to the ban and financial hardship, which forced him to borrow money.

It is worth noting that the employee explained in his invitation that he faced difficulty in finding work after the lawsuit filed by the company against him due to the criminal case filed against him. The employee was provided with a copy of the acquittal as evidence.

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