UAE: University Students Develop Innovative Solution to Parking Woes in Dubai

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A dynamic duo of sophomore students from Canadian University Dubai (CUD), Ramisha Ahmareen Zaman and Fatma Ahmad Alattar, have crafted an inventive solution that could soon alleviate the perennial struggle of drivers in Dubai in finding parking spaces.

Their brainchild, the ‘Rent-a-Parking’ platform, emerged from personal frustrations navigating the parking landscape in the bustling city.

Ramisha explained the origin of their idea by highlighting the daily struggle to secure parking in the City Walk area, where their university is located. She recounted the ordeal of validating parking every five hours, a routine that underscored the pressing need for a more efficient solution. Thus, inspired by the surplus of parking spaces in residential areas, they embarked on a mission to harness these underutilized resources to alleviate the city's parking woes.

In their quest to maximize parking capacity in high-demand zones, Ramisha and Fatma envisioned a sustainable approach, veering away from the conventional method of constructing more parking lots. Instead, they conceived a dynamic online marketplace where residents with spare parking spaces could rent them out, thereby offering a win-win solution for both space owners and drivers.

Fatma delineated the mechanics of their platform, highlighting its flexibility in accommodating various rental durations, from hourly to monthly, tailored to the user's requirements. Pricing, she explained, fluctuates based on demand dynamics, ensuring fairness for both parties involved. Moreover, they emphasized the incorporation of safety measures, including surveillance cameras and collaboration with regulatory bodies like the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders.

While a prototype of the ‘Rent-a-Parking’ app is already in existence, Ramisha and Fatma are now focused on garnering investment and establishing a regulatory framework in collaboration with pertinent authorities. Their vision extends beyond mere entrepreneurship; they aim to address the pressing urban challenge of parking scarcity sustainably.

Recognized for their innovation at the Entrepreneurship Showcase during the Brand Me Summit, the duo stands poised to revolutionize Dubai's parking landscape. Their initiative underscores the transformative potential of grassroots innovation in mitigating urban challenges, offering a beacon of hope for drivers grappling with the perennial parking predicament.

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