New decisions from UAE regarding easing procedures for work permit and resident visa

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The UAE government has issued several decisions related to simplifying the process of obtaining work permits and residence visas for workers in private sector companies in the UAE.

Work package platform in the UAE

The UAE government decided to launch the work package platform, to unify the services of different departments, and the work package in the UAE aims to shorten the time required for the procedures for issuing work permits and residence visas.

The UAE government issued a draft action package platform in Dubai, and it will be implemented extensively throughout the country in the next phases of the project.

The work package platform includes many government agencies

The action package platform in the UAE includes many entities, including the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, the Ministry of Health in Dubai, and the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Ports Security and Customs.

This new project aims to simplify the steps for completing employment services for workers in private sector companies, and these steps include renewal, cancellation, medical examination, and fingerprinting.

Obtaining a work permit and residence visa in just 5 days

This new project contributed to reducing the steps and documents required for residents of the UAE to obtain a work and residence permit.

The steps became only 5 steps instead of 15, in addition to only 5 documents instead of 1 document, which also reduced the period for obtaining a work and residence permit from 30 working days to only 5 days.

Save a great deal of time and effort

It should be noted that this new initiative launched by the UAE government aims to save a great deal of time and effort on companies and employees, as the new system contributes to canceling unnecessary visits to government offices, which reduces the overall burden on companies and individuals.

It is also mentioned that the impact of the new initiative that was officially implemented in Dubai extends beyond specific sectors and has a significant impact on various vital sectors in the country, in addition to its contribution to comprehensive and sustainable development efforts.

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