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Emirates Airlines recently experienced the busiest winter season in terms of baggage handling in the past three years. The carrier maintained a success rate of 99.9% during the season that lasted from September 2023 to January 2024, and on average, it handled more than 2.7 million bags. This was the most active winter season in baggage handling that Emirates Airlines has ever experienced. Every month, from Dubai to more than 140 different foreign locations. In the sector of managing baggage from or transiting through Dubai and delivering it to its owners on time and to the correct destination, Emirates Airlines has an outstanding record of 99.9%. This performance has set the airline apart from its competitors.

Yesterday, the airline issued a statement in which it stated that the luggage of passengers on its flights goes through a number of different special paths. These paths begin with baggage carts, then proceed to "counters" for completing travel procedures and the luggage belt, and finally arrive at the main room, where the luggage is inspected using the most advanced security technologies. Finally, the luggage is carried inside the cabin. dnata containers and carry them to Emirates planes that are departing to its different stations across the world. At each new location, baggage handling workers are there to receive the containers.

It is important to highlight that the rate of lost luggage on Emirates Airlines, also known as delayed or lost luggage, continues to be at a minimum of 1.3 bags out of every 1,000 bags at the Dubai hub. This rate is around thirty times lower than the rates of certain other service providers.

Approximately 91% of bags that have been delayed are returned to their owners within 72 hours, which is regarded to be a high rate globally. This is due to the fact that Emirates Airlines primarily deals with international luggage and international transport baggage, which means that baggage is frequently transported on long flights. Traveling internationally is more difficult and demands a higher level of concentration than traveling within the country.

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