The Meteorological Center in the uae warns of rain in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain today

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Rain is expected to fall in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain today, according to the Meteorological Center.

The National Center of Meteorology announces that it will issue a weather alert in the Emirates today.

A weather notice is going to be issued in the Emirates today, according to an announcement made by the National Center of Meteorology.

A steady increase in cloud cover over the Arabian Gulf is predicted to occur from the morning until the afternoon on Sunday, according to the forecast.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently experiencing the effects of a weak surface pressure system in conjunction with the extension of an upper-level low-pressure system. The remainder of the day will be cloudy to partly cloudy as a result of this.

The weather forecast for Sunday suggests that there will be a steady increase in cloud cover over the Arabian Gulf from morning until afternoon. This cloud cover will expand towards coastal areas and islands, and it may bring light rain.

Throughout the course of the day, clouds will move toward the northern and eastern regions, as well as certain inland areas. There is a possibility of light to moderate rainfall, particularly in select northern parts.

Light to moderate precipitation is forecast for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, there is a risk of light to moderate rain falling intermittently in certain regions of Al Ain and Abu Dhabi from time to time. At the time of sunset, the western sections of the country will begin to experience the effects of active northwesterly winds, which will result in choppy waters in the western regions.

You can anticipate winds that range from mild to moderate across the region, with breezes that are fresher over the sea, resulting in dust that blows. In the Arabian Gulf, the sea conditions will gradually get rougher, and in the Oman Sea, they will occasionally become rougher. By Monday morning, the sea conditions will range from mild to moderate.

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