The RTA issued a traffic alert in Dubai regarding the ban on the movement of some vehicles

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The Roads and Transport Authority issued a traffic alert in Dubai regarding the ban on the movement of some vehicles.

The RTA issued a traffic notice to alert drivers to the restrictions on some cars' movement in Dubai.

The timing of the truck prohibition on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, a traffic alert in Dubai, has changed.

The Roads and Transport Authority announces a change in the timing of the truck ban in Dubai.

The Roads and Transport Authority has announced a change to the timing of the truck restriction in Dubai.

As of April 28th, the new time rules will be implemented.

On Monday, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai and the Dubai Police General Headquarters made an announcement on the modification of the timings for the passage of trucks on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road within Dubai.

Beginning on April 28, the timing modification will be implemented for a portion of the route that extends from the Ras Al Khor route to Sharjah in both directions during the hours of peak traffic.

The new schedule restricts truck movement from 6:30 to 8:30 in the morning and from 1:00 to 3:00 and 5:30 to 8:00 in the afternoon.

Truck ban times in Dubai.

When trucks are prohibited in Dubai; We decided to vary the timing of truck traffic on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road during peak hours, based on the findings of recent in-depth studies that indicated the vital necessity for such modifications. We reached this decision in cooperation with the Dubai Police General's Headquarters. This action aims to improve the smoothness of traffic flow on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road by distributing truck movements more evenly over alternate routes during peak hours. Hussein Al Banna, the Chief Executive Officer of the Roads and Traffic Agency (RTA), estimates that this planned redistribution will reduce traffic congestion on the roads by up to fifteen percent during certain intervals.

The process of regulating truck flow involves conducting a number of engineering and technical studies. These studies take into consideration a variety of criteria, including vehicle density, incident rates, urban expansion along the road, and the capacity of alternative routes to manage the traffic. RTA, in conjunction with Dubai Police and other relevant agencies, will make significant efforts to convey the new truck movement schedules to heavy vehicle drivers, truck owners, and operators. We will carry out these efforts to ensure everyone remains informed. By way of explanation, Al Banna noted that this will involve the installation of explanatory signage at both the beginning and the conclusion of the restricted zones.

He requested that truck drivers, along with organizations that offer transportation and shipping services, adhere to the new laws by using alternate routes like Emirates Road for limited periods or the authorized truck rest zones dispersed throughout Dubai's streets.

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