UAE Authority announces a new speed limit on some key roads due to fog

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The authorities have implemented a reduction in speed limits on select roads across the country.

Today's weather forecast predicts a mixture of partly cloudy to cloudy conditions, with a possibility of convective clouds forming and resulting in scattered rainfall in various areas, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

The National Weather Service has responded to current weather patterns by issuing red and yellow advisories for parts of the nation where fog is expected to be prevalent. People living in the area have been warned that horizontal vision will be low until at least 9 in the morning on Sunday.

Officials, speaking on behalf of the authority, have highlighted the areas most susceptible to fog and mist, emphasizing the importance of caution for motorists. Abu Dhabi Police specifically urged drivers to exercise vigilance due to fog's diminished visibility, advising them to adhere to the fluctuating speed limits displayed on electronic signage boards.

Furthermore, the authority has initiated the activation of a system to reduce speed limits to 80 km/hr on designated roads within the emirate. These roads include the Abu Dhabi-SSwaihan road (Zayed Military City-TTilal Swaihan) and the Al Ain-Dubai road (Masaken-AAl Faqaa).

According to the forecast, winds are anticipated to be light to moderate, occasionally picking up in intensity. Sea conditions are projected to range from slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and remain slight in the Oman Sea.

Temperature-wise, the mercury is predicted to dip to as low as 8 oC in mountainous regions of the country, while inland areas may experience highs of up to 34 oC. These weather dynamics underscore the necessity for motorists and residents alike to stay informed and exercise caution while navigating through the prevailing weather conditions.

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