The UAE announces free trips on the occasion of International Happiness Day

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On the occasion of International Happiness Day, the United Arab Emirates intends to provide free vacations

A piece of good news for those who commute in Ras Al Khaimah is as follows: Today, March 20, there will be no charge for bus rides.

UAE announces free trips on the occasion

As part of the celebrations for International Happiness Day, the Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority (RAKTA) made the announcement on Wednesday that municipal buses will be providing free rides.

There are four different routes that are used for public bus transportation inside the emirate.

  • Al Nakeel to Al Jazirah Al Hamra || Al Jazirah Al Hamra to Al Nakeel is the designated route for the red line.
  • Al Nakeel to Sha'am area | Sha'am area to Al Nakeel is the destination of the Blue Line.
  • Al Nakeel to RAK Airport and RAK Airport to Al Nakeel are both parts of the Green Line.
  • AURAK to Manar Mall and Manar Mall to AURAK are both served by the Purple Line.

Bus passengers are required to pay a ticket of Dh8 for each of these journeys. On the other hand, the service will be free on Wednesday, March 20.

International Day of Happiness activities:

The International Day of Happiness activities in the UAE vary to include:

  • Seminars and conferences: It organizes many seminars and conferences that discuss topics related to happiness and well-being, such as: the role of the family in promoting happiness, ways to achieve happiness in the workplace, and the importance of mental health.
  • Entertainment events: Entertainment events are organized to suit all family members, such as: theatrical performances, competitions, musical performances, and sporting events.
  • Volunteer initiatives: Volunteer initiatives are organized that aim to help those in need and spread happiness in society, such as: distributing gifts to patients in hospitals, visiting orphanages, and cleaning public parks.

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