The UAE Ministry of Emiratisation issues a decision regarding a work permit

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According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, there are six situations in which an assistant worker cannot get a work permit within one year of leaving the state.

These include: a final criminal judgment against the assistant worker, a criminal judgment against honor, honesty, or public morals, the fact that the assistant worker has actually assaulted the employer or his family, violated the sanctity of the workplace, taken photos or videos and distributed them to the public, or to have been absent from work for n days.

Cancel the work interruption notice

Because of the existence of any other cases in which it is proven that the notice of interruption About the work that is restricted by the right of the assistant worker is incorrect, the ministry pointed out that the assistant worker has the ability to cancel the notice of work interruption in a variety of situations.

These scenarios include proving that ten consecutive days have not passed since the interruption of work or from the date of the end of his leave and his right to the legality of his interruption of work, or confirming his presence at his job or if he is on a legally scheduled leave, whether it be to leave the state , or other situations in which it is proven that the notice of interruption About the work that is restricted by the right of the assistant worker is incorrect.

View dispute

The ministry has indicated that it takes prompt and transparent measures whenever it receives any dispute between the employer and the assistant worker.

This is accomplished by submitting the dispute to the competent department within the ministry, or any other body determined by the ministry.

The ministry then notifies the parties to appear before it, at the address that is provided in the complaint file, or if the address is not provided in the files, at the address that is listed in the files. Additionally, the referral must be accompanied by a note of the legal opinion.

The individual who filed the complaint is obligated to first inform the ministry of the actions that are being taken with regard to the evaluation and decision of the matter.

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