Two people residing in the UAE recently won 20 million dirhams

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Two individuals who live in the United Arab Emirates just won twenty million dirhams.

UAE: Two individuals won a total of twenty million dirhams in the Mahzooz draw.

After the final draws of 2023, each of them was awarded a sum of Dh10 million individually.

Mahzooz's most recent draws, which are also the last ones of the year, have resulted in the creation of two new billionaires. With this, the total number of winners who have entered the Mahzooz Millionaires Club has reached 66.

Two individuals who live in the United Arab Emirates just won twenty million dirhams.

Prizes awarded by Mahzooz in the Emirates

There were one hundred raffle prize winners who were guaranteed to receive Dh1,295,000 from the same draws.

Mahzooz prizes in the Emirates

236,979 winners received a total of Dh24,052,185, which was distributed in the following manner:

The first prize was awarded to two winners who matched five of the five numbers. They were awarded a total of Dh20 million, with each winner receiving Dh10 million.

A total of 119 contestants were successful in matching four out of five numbers, resulting in them sharing the second prize of Dh150,000 and earning Dh1,260 each.

There were 3,627 winners who were able to match three out of five numbers, and they were awarded the second prize of Dh150,000, with each winner receiving Dh41.

43,051 winners were awarded Dh35 each for matching two out of five numbers, which was the fourth reward.

190,080 winners were awarded Dh5 each for matching one out of five numbers, which was the fifth reward.

At the raffle, there were a total of one hundred winners who were guaranteed to earn prizes ranging from Dh4,500 to Dh100,000.

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