UAE authority caution residents against three new scams targeting bank accounts

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As traditional scams lose their effectiveness, scammers are evolving their tactics to deceive individuals, making it crucial for UAE residents to stay informed and vigilant.

A New Wave of Scams Targets UAE Residents

Social media platforms, particularly Facebook groups, have become a space for residents to share their experiences and warn others about emerging scam techniques.

1. Shopping Scam: The '74% Off' Deception

In the era of frequent super sales, a Filipina expat, Charlaine Beluan, encountered a seemingly irresistible offer—a 74% discount on her online shopping cart. Suspecting foul play, she sought advice on the 'Pinay Mums UAE' Facebook group.

Alert mothers quickly identified red flags such as an unofficial website, inconsistent branding, and questionable hyperlinks. This cautionary tale highlights the importance of scrutinizing too-good-to-be-true offers.

2. Dewa Refund Email Scam

Phishing for personal information A member of 'Reklamo Trip UAE' received an official-looking email from 'Dewa,' promising a Dh1,549.80 refund due to alleged overcharging. Despite the seemingly legitimate appearance, the recipient, Ella Suobiron, exposed the scam on social media. Fellow group members confirmed similar experiences, with the phishing attack aiming to trick recipients into providing sensitive information through a fraudulent link.

3. Online Selling Scam: Beware of Fraudulent Buyers

Liz Panzo, attempting to sell sneakers on Facebook Marketplace, encountered a buyer who claimed to have made payment and scheduled parcel delivery. The buyer directed Panzo to a seemingly legitimate email for card verification. Skeptical, Panzo investigated, revealing a scam where the goal was to extract card details through a fraudulent link. Other group members shared similar encounters, emphasizing the importance of verifying such transactions independently.

As scams diversify and adopt more sophisticated strategies, the community's collective awareness becomes a potent defense. Sharing experiences on social platforms not only alerts individuals to specific scams but also fosters a culture of caution and verification. Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant, scrutinize unexpected offers, and independently verify suspicious communications to protect themselves from evolving cyber threats. Stay informed, stay secure.

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