UAE authority warns of the danger of "similar" food products

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A parliamentary report, endorsed by the Health and Environmental Affairs Committee of the Federal National Council, emphasizes the necessity of establishing precise standards and specifications to streamline the operations of food control laboratories and regulate the entry of food products through the country's various border checkpoints.

The report cautions against the potential hazards of introducing products into the local markets that closely resemble original items, such as "imitation" cheese and other innovative food items, many of which contain only 20% natural ingredients. This situation underscores the imperative of accurately determining their composition and assessing their health implications or potential side effects.

Submitted to the Presidency of the Council under the theme of "Government Policy on Food Safety," the report delves into national legislation concerning food safety, outlining policies, strategies, programs, and initiatives pursued by the government to safeguard food standards and ensure public health across society. It also addresses the key challenges confronting authorities in their efforts to enhance food systems and safety protocols.

The report highlights the dwindling number of inspectors overseeing mobile food vendors and food delivery services as a significant hurdle to maintaining food safety. It stresses the need for tighter oversight of eateries marketing themselves as "healthy restaurants" in promotional materials to verify their adherence to standards for offering safe, "low-calorie" meals.

Furthermore, it underscores the importance of instituting a framework mandating food establishments to appoint qualified and trained health supervisors or food safety officers, overseen by a team of experts and specialists. This measure aims to ensure stringent adherence to safety protocols and regulatory standards within the food industry.

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