UAE court sentenced two sellers to jail, and the buyer was fined 10,000 dirhams

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In a complex legal case that unfolded in Dubai, two individuals from the Gulf region managed to deceive a third party into believing they were selling him a 1990s-style Nissan Patrol, a car he eagerly sought. Assured of its authenticity, the unsuspecting buyer located the vehicle outside a residence, promptly loaded it onto a trailer, and departed with the belief that he had secured his desired purchase.

However, upon further investigation, he was found to have been deceived and was charged with possession of a stolen item. The first two sellers were sentenced to one month in prison, while the buyer was fined 10,000 dirhams.

The sequence of events, as revealed in court proceedings, began with the theft of a black 1993 Nissan Patrol, reported to the Dubai Police Operations Room. The vehicle's owner recounted leaving it parked in front of his house only to find it missing two months later. Surveillance footage from neighboring houses captured a white Nissan vehicle towing a trailer, with an individual unloading and absconding with the stolen car.

Prompt action by the Dubai Police, upon receiving the report, led to the identification of the stolen vehicle in the possession of the third accused. Subsequently summoned for questioning, the accused claimed innocence, asserting he was merely seeking to purchase a Nissan Patrol. He detailed interactions with the purported sellers, who provided photographs and location details via WhatsApp, purportedly confirming the vehicle's availability for sale.

The buyer, believing the transaction legitimate, paid a deposit and arranged to collect the vehicle with a friend. Upon inspection, he found the car in a state of disuse and attempted to return it to the seller, to no avail. Meanwhile, the accused sellers denied involvement in the theft, presenting a defense that sought either acquittal or leniency, citing a lack of conclusive evidence against them.

However, the court, after careful consideration of evidence including witness testimonies and surveillance footage, found the defendants guilty. The first and second defendants were convicted of participating in the theft, while the third faced charges related to possessing stolen property under suspicious circumstances. The court's decision, rooted in a thorough examination of the case facts, highlighted the integrity of the evidence and the seriousness of the offenses committed.

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