UAE imposes a fine of up to Dh200,000 for employing maids without a work permit

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In the UAE, hiring a maid without a valid work permit or UAE residency visa is against the law.

Those found employing a maid without the necessary permits may face penalties ranging from Dh50,000 to Dh200,000 as per Article 17(3)(a) of the UAE Domestic Workers Law. Violations include providing employment to a domestic worker without obtaining the required work permit.

Additionally, deportation can be part of the penalty under the provisions of the UAE Immigration Law. According to Articles 25(1) and (7) of the Immigration Law, individuals who employ, harbor, or house an alien in violation of the law can face fines of Dh50,000 and imprisonment with a higher fine in cases of repeated offenses. Deportation of the violating alien and the employer upon recidivism is mandatory.

To comply with the law, employers should not immediately employ a maid brought into the UAE on a visit visa. Instead, they should apply for the maid's work permit and UAE residency visa upon her arrival, adhering to the UAE Domestic Workers Law and relevant regulations. Employers must meet criteria such as minimum salary, marital status, and appropriate accommodation conditions based on the number of rooms in the residence.

The UAE Domestic Workers Law emphasizes using government-recognized maid recruitment agencies for hiring domestic help. The obligations of these agencies are outlined in Article 5 of the law.

Employers must follow the guidelines outlined in the UAE Domestic Workers Law when hiring a maid. These guidelines include providing necessary facilities for the maid to perform her duties, offering suitable accommodation, providing food and means, clothing if necessary, ensuring timely payment of remuneration, covering health insurance costs, treating the maid with respect, and allowing her to retain her official documents. Article 11 of the UAE Domestic Workers Law details the obligations of the employer or sponsor towards a domestic worker.

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