UAE Meteorology announces that the lowest temperature was recorded at 2.3 degrees Celsius on this date

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Residents were greeted by cool weather and a slight chill in the air when they awoke on the morning of the weekend.

The country has been enjoying excellent weather for the past week, despite the fact that rains have been falling heavily on the Gulf nation.

Temperature 2.3°C

A temperature of 2.3 degrees Celsius was reported in the United Arab Emirates on March 2, Saturday. This was just one day after the Jais peak in Ras Al Khaimah recorded an ice low temperature of 2.4 degrees Celsius. Today morning, the temperatures of Jabal Al Rahba and Mebreh mountain were 4.5 degrees Celsius and 5.5 degrees Celsius, respectively, making them the lowest temperatures in the country.

In the event that a hailstorm occurred yesterday in Al Ain, residents covered their vehicles with carpets, mattresses, and blankets in order to keep them from being damaged. Following the issuance of an advisory by the authorities on Thursday, which informed them to secure their vehicles due to the impending arrival of bad weather, this action was finally taken.

Weather forecast throughout the week

nclement weather is expected throughout the following week.
Residents of the United Arab Emirates have also been cautioned by the Met Department that the forthcoming week will bring adverse weather.

A prognosis for the period of time beginning on Monday and ending on Wednesday has been issued by the National Centre of Meteorology, which has stated that "a surface low-pressure system" will be affecting the country.

In addition to the thunder and lightning that are expected to occur on Monday and Tuesday (March 4 and 5), there will be rainfall of varied intensities. It is anticipated that there will be less precipitation on Wednesday as the cloud cover dissipates slightly. Temperatures are expected to drop in the southern region.

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