UAE announces Petrol, diesel prices for February 2024

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The UAE Fuel Price Committee has unveiled the fuel prices for February 2024, providing a breakdown of costs for various types of fuel.

These prices will take effect from February 1, impacting motorists across the country.

The UAE fuel price committee has released the fuel prices for February 2024

Super 98 petrol, a commonly used fuel type, will see a slight increase in price, moving from Dh2.82 per liter in January to Dh2.88 per liter in February. This adjustment reflects the dynamic nature of fuel pricing, influenced by global market conditions.

Special 95 petrol, another widely used fuel variant, is set to be priced at Dh2.76 per liter for the month of February. This represents an increase compared to the Dh2.71 per liter charged in the previous month.

E-Plus 91 petrol, known for its cost-effectiveness, will be available at Dh2.69 per liter in February. This marks a rise from the Dh2.64 per liter rate observed in January, highlighting the fluctuating nature of fuel prices in response to market dynamics.

Diesel, a crucial fuel for many commercial and industrial operations, will be sold at Dh2.99 per liter in February. While this is slightly lower than the Dh3 per liter charged in January, it underscores the need for businesses and consumers to stay informed about fuel price variations.

The Fuel Price Committee's regular updates on fuel prices enable individuals and businesses to plan their budgets effectively, taking into account the changes in fuel costs. Geopolitical events, market demand, and global oil prices are a few examples of the influences on these adjustments.

As the UAE continues to closely monitor and respond to global economic conditions, the fuel prices for February reflect the ongoing efforts to maintain transparency and ensure that consumers are well-informed about the costs associated with their fuel consumption. These periodic announcements allow motorists and businesses to adapt to changing economic circumstances while contributing to a more informed and resilient society.

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