Australia imposes new visa rules and tightens international student visa rules

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The Australian government announced that visa requirements for low-skilled workers and independent workers in addition to international students in Australia will be tightened. As a result of this decision, the government is working to achieve the goal of reducing the total number of immigrants entering the country.

The government explained its endeavor to reduce the number of immigrants in accordance with the new visa rules Australia during the next two years, stressing that it requires a comprehensive reform by following a “disruptive” program for the immigration system in the country.

new visa rules australia

According to the rules of the new policies announced by the government to attract students from different countries of the world who have the highest grades in English language tests.

She confirmed that she will be aware of the examination of student visas, given the existence of a proposal to extend the duration of students’ stay in Australia.

Restore the number of immigrants in Australia to normal

The government added that it is seeking, through the strategy being effectively implemented, to return to normal, according to what was confirmed by Ms. Claire O'Neill, Minister of Home Affairs in the Australian government, during the press conference.

In a related context, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced that the country plans during the coming period to return to a sustainable, level system, to well control the numbers of immigrants in Australia.

Net migration to Australia peaks

It is worth noting that the Minister of Home Affairs of Australia explained that the reforms implemented by the Australian government aim to put downward pressure on net migration abroad, and will contribute significantly to the decline in the numbers of migrants.

It is also noteworthy that according to the strategy, the net noise in Australia was expected to reach a peak at a record level of 510 thousand during the period from 2022 to 2023.

The number of immigrants in Australia is very high

It is also worth noting that the Sydney Morning newspaper showed during an opinion poll conducted last month that 62% of Australian citizens confirmed that the number of immigrants in Australia over the past years is very high above the normal rate.

It is noteworthy that the government was providing immigration to Australia in order to accelerate the entry of skilled workers from all over the world while facilitating permanent residency for them, but currently the labor market in Australia is considered one of the most stringent labor markets in the world.

Australia Tightens Visa Rule for Foreign Students

In the near future, Australia will start imposing more stringent visa regulations for international students. This move comes at a time when government data revealed that migration once again reached a record level.

On March 23, the new regulations became effective. In order to get student visas, the regulations will need a higher level of English language proficiency.

By virtue of the new regulations, the government will also be granted the authority to prohibit educational institutions from recruiting overseas students in the event that they consistently violate the guidelines.

"The actions this weekend will continue to drive migration levels down while delivering on our commitments in the migration strategy to fix the broken system we inherited," said Clare O'Neil, Minister of Home Affairs, in a statement. "The broken system."

decreasing the period of the temporary postgraduate visa in Australia

The Australian government has recently stated that the temporary postgraduate visa will be reduced to one year beginning in mid-2024.

The administration has also resolved to cut the eligibility age from 50 to 35 years. Graduates who study rare skill credentials cannot now renew their visas. They must apply for either a needed skills visa or a permanent skills visa.

The government's goal with this decision is to meet the country's skill needs while also restructuring permanent skill migration to achieve long-term advancement, improving the quality of education for international students, and resolving the problem of workplace exploitation and visa system misuse.

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