Canada: Gang busted for stealing 25 cars valued at $2.2 million in Toronto

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York Regional Police (YRP) have successfully dismantled a car theft ring in Greater Toronto, recovering 25 stolen vehicles valued at over $2 million.

Recovery of $2 million in Stolen Vehicles

The investigation, initiated in November, gained momentum when the auto theft unit received information about a parking lot in Mississauga being utilized for parking stolen cars.

Identification of Suspects and Additional Locations

As the investigation unfolded, suspects linked to the car theft ring were identified, leading to the discovery of additional locations where stolen vehicles were being taken and stored. The police, in a news release on Friday, highlighted the successful culmination of their efforts.

Execution of the search warrant and vehicle recovery

On December 14, officers carried out a search warrant at a warehouse in Mississauga and found stolen cars hidden inside shipping containers. Several different sites in the Greater Toronto Area reported the stolen automobiles that were later recovered. Reprogramming devices, vehicle master keys, and stolen license plates were also seized during the investigation.

Arrests and charges

Five suspects were apprehended during the execution of the search warrant. The individuals facing charges include 31-year-old Samuel Owusu-Hammond of Toronto, 42-year-old Michael Arthur Clarke of Oakville, 31-year-old Kirill Andrushkevich of Toronto, 25-year-old Laye Mamadi Kroma of Hamilton, and Alaa Ghazal of Mississauga. They are facing accusations of trafficking in and possessing stolen property with a value greater than $5,000.

Additional Arrests and Charges

CBSA officers apprehended a sixth suspect, 52-year-old Alex Kabia of Toronto, at Toronto Pearson International Airport. He was subject to similar charges for the possession and trafficking of stolen property.

Legal Status of Suspects

Unexpectedly, three of the six were allegedly out on bond for other charges when they were arrested, highlighting the intricate nature of the criminal organization.

As an example of their dedication to fighting organized crime and recovering stolen goods, the York Regional Police successfully dismantled this vehicle theft ring.

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