Canada announces new residency visas with exceptional facilities for these professions

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The Canadian government announced a new residence visa aimed at attracting more people from all over the world who work in stable jobs remotely, as the government provides them with exceptional facilities to live and stay in Canada, while giving them great benefits.

The new residence visa in Canada allows its holder to immigrate and move to the Mandate territories and live there fully, coinciding with the recent major transformations in the various labor markets in many European countries.

Residence visas in Canada for remote work

According to what was revealed by the famous British newspaper (METRO), the new Canadian residency visas are for people who work a fixed job but remotely.

However, people who benefit from this decision need to commit to working in their offices, as this method of working has spread widely in the world during the recent period, specifically since the beginning of the spread of the Corona epidemic.

Conditions for moving and living in Canada for remote workers

It is worth noting that the new Canadian visas allow holders of this visa to move to Canada and live there, but according to specific conditions set by the Canadian government.

The Canadian government requires that people who can obtain these visas must have a fixed position in a foreign company headquartered outside Canada.

It is also required that his job be performed via a “remote work” system, and the government aims, through this visa, to encourage remote workers to move to Canada.

Canada is not the only country that grants these visas

It is worth noting that Canada is not the only country that provides this type of residence visa in the world, as many other European countries offer this type of visa, most notably Spain and Italy.

Ghetalia offers an entry visa called (nomadi digitali), for people who do this type of work using technological tools to work remotely or independently, or even for a foreign company that allows remote work.

Immigrant visa for self-employed workers to Canada

This self-employed program seeks to bring in people who are able to create businesses and work for themselves in Canada, as they must have either:

  • Relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics, with the intention and ability to make a significant contribution to the cultural or sporting life of Canada.
  • Farm management experience, with intention and ability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.
  • To qualify as self-employed, you must have relevant work experience, or be able to be your own employee, in Canada.

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