Canada issues clarification on validity of temporary work authorization letters for international graduates

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The Immigration Department of Canada has issued a new clarification regarding the validity of temporary work permit letters for graduates of international students in the Canadian government, and this decision applies throughout the period of graduates applying for their work permits.

The Canadian government explained that work permit letters will now be valid for 180 days from the time the application is submitted, compared to previously, when permits were valid for 120 days from the time the application was submitted.

Temporary work permit letter for international graduates in Canada

Temporary work letters are issued by Immigration and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and allow international graduates to begin working before obtaining their final work permit from IRCC.

These documents are issued to international graduates in Canada to work full-time without a work permit while waiting for a decision on their work permit application.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada also requires that international graduates meet certain requirements if they apply for a work permit before their study permit expires, and graduates are allowed to start working before they receive a decision from their IRCC.

Conditions for obtaining a temporary employment letter for international graduates in Canada

International graduates who wish to work before applying for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) must:

  1. All applicants must be in possession of a current study permit at the time that they submit their application for a work permit; they must have finished their study program.
  2. Attend to the standards that must be met in order to work off-campus without a work permit, which as follows:
  3. They were full-time students who were enrolled in a designated learning institution (DLI); they had been participating in a post-secondary academic vocational or vocational training program for a minimum of eight months; they had graduated with a degree, diploma, or certificate from their program; Also,
  4. Note that from November 15, 2022 to April 30, 2024, students were entitled to work more than the typical restriction of 20 hours per week, according to a temporary public policy that was implemented by IRCC. However, this did not surpass the maximum number of hours that full-time students in Canada are allowed to work.

For an interim employment permission letter, overseas graduates must:

  • Have a valid study permit while applying for a work permit.
  • Successfully completed their studies.
  • Meet requirements for working off-campus without a work permit, including being a full-time student at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), completing an 8-month post-secondary academic vocational or professional training program, receiving a degree, diploma, or certificate, and adhering to Canadian full-time student work hours.

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