Urgent.. Kuwaiti Education cancels online classes starting March 31

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The Kuwaiti Ministry of Education announced the start of in-person classes in all schools during the period from next Sunday, March 31, until Monday, April 8.

The sources reported on behalf of the Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Anwar Al-Hamdan, that the study will be online for only 124 schools on Wednesday, April 3, to participate in the electoral process as centers designated for voting, while the study will continue in person in the rest of the Ministry of Education schools.

The sources explained that this step reflects the Ministry of Education’s concern for the sustainability of education, indicating that the competent authorities will clean the schools after the end of the electoral process, and prepare them for the return of our students in these schools to study.

Education is facing a crisis in the curriculum:

The sources indicated that the Ministry of Education is facing a crisis of ending the school curricula before the end-of-year exams that will begin a month later, adding that the technical staff and departments concerned with education are doing their best to find appropriate solutions to exploit the remainder of the school day to finish explaining the lessons in the appropriate manner and not be forced to cancel them before the start of the deadline Final exams.

Education also noted that it is difficult or acceptable to grant a holiday, as the second semester has become short due to the large number of official and unofficial holidays, which are usually either due to weather or mood conditions.

The sources revealed that the Ministry is required to issue a decision regarding the suspension of school hours during the last ten days of Ramadan, despite the difficulty of the current circumstance, and it is being asked to search for solutions regarding the issue of repeated suspension of school for illogical reasons, The Ministry noted the need to tighten control and apply regulations on absent students and oblige parents By controlling their children’s attendance at schools to eliminate the phenomenon of absence, which has begun to negatively affect the level of the educational system.

Start date for end-of-year exams:

The ministry of education revealed that the specified date for the start of the end-of-year exams for middle school students is May 15, and for the tenth and eleventh grades on the 23rd of the same month, while the 12th grade exams begin on May 29.

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