The UAE issues 5 procedures regarding residence visas

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The Digital Government of the United Arab Emirates has established five procedures for the cancellation of residence visas in the country. These procedures confirm that if an individual is a resident of the UAE for the purpose of working or living and the individual decides to leave the country permanently, the individual is required to finish the cancellation of his residence visa and be duly guaranteed.

It was also mentioned that in most cases, the guarantor or his authorized representative (for instance, a representative in the case of a company) is the only person who is authorized to proceed with the cancellation of residence visas that he has guaranteed, and the guarantor himself is not permitted to execute the application without the permission and signature of the guarantor.

Examination of residence in the Centers of the institution

It is noteworthy that the public health centers and medical fitness testing centers affiliated with the Emirates Health Services Corporation conducted more than one million and 273 thousand medical fitness tests for residency visa applicants over the course of the previous year. This was done as part of the organization's ongoing efforts that led to the development of the institution's services, with the goal of satisfying the requirements and expectations of customers and enhancing their overall experience.

Medical fitness checks for residence visas

The month of March in the previous year saw the highest number of customers who underwent medical fitness tests for residence visas, with 113,398 customers. On the other hand, the month of April in the same year saw the lowest number of customers, with 84,461 customers. This was due to the fact that health centers were able to provide appointment booking services and conduct visa checks in a quick and smooth manner.

Medical fitness testing service

Dr. Shamsa Lootah, who heads the public health department at the Emirates Foundation for Health Services, confirmed in record time that over one million and 273 people used the foundation's health centers to get medical fitness tests for residence visas. He also noted that the number of customers who visited the centers each month typically ranged from 90,000 to 113,000. Dr. Lootah stressed that the foundation is dedicated to providing the health infrastructure needed to meet the increasing demands of individuals.

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