Dubai issued an important circular regarding car rentals for citizens and residents

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The city of Dubai has published a significant circular concerning the renting of automobiles for its inhabitants and residents.

Important instructions for car rental companies in Dubai and renters.

It is important that automobile rental firms in Dubai and renters follow these recommendations exactly.

All companies that hire out vehicles have received a circular instructing them to reimburse customer deposits within thirty days of the vehicle's return.

The Dubai Corporation for Consumer Protection and Fair Trade, a department under the Department of Economy and Tourism, recently distributed a circular to all car rental companies. The circular directed all rental companies to refund client deposits within thirty days of the vehicle's return.In the event that a consumer is renting a car, purchasing furniture, or using any other type of service provider, Mousa recommends that they make certain that they have a clear contract with the organization.

In addition to that, make sure that you read the arrangement. In the event that they encounter any difficulties, they are more than welcome to contact us through our call center or website in order to receive whatever protection they may require.

He went on to say that the Department of Economy and Tourism takes measures to ensure that there is no fraud since they believe that this practice will assist in attracting a greater number of firms to Dubai and will also enhance the proportion of spending that takes place in Dubai.

Dubai punishes violating car rental companies.

In Dubai, car rental companies that violate the law are punished.

The Department of Economy and Tourism has announced that three automobile rental companies in Dubai have been ordered to close their doors in 2023–24 due to violations of rules pertaining to the rights of consumers to be protected.

On the other hand, Mousa said that the Department of Transportation has also penalized several car rental companies for charging high rates for car washing.

In accordance with the nature of the infraction, there are many classifications of fines, with a minimum amount of Dh10,000. Each time the infraction occurs again, the fine increases by a factor of two. We do not, however, wait till that time has passed. We will shut down the offices of the companies in question should the infraction occur again.

The director of consumer protection at the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, Ahmed Ali Mousa, stated in an interview that the company has closed three offices of automobile rental firms. The company closed two of these offices in 2023, and closed the third office in the first quarter of this year.

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