Dubai Police gives gifts to drivers and tells them the speed limits

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E-scooter users and drivers are surprised with gifts from the Dubai Police Department, who also remind them of the limit of speed.

Two-wheeler drivers in Dubai are subject to stringent regulations, and a fine of up to Dh300 can be imposed for exceeding the speed limit.

Dubai Police gives gifts to the drivers

The authorities in Dubai do have a distinctive approach to encouraging inhabitants to comply with the regulations. During the Christmas season, the police patrolled the emirate and distributed gifts to people who rode bicycles and scooters. At the same time, they reminded them of the restrictions that they were required to follow, particularly the speed limits.

In the course of a significant campaign "to spread traffic awareness and reduce traffic accidents," they distributed various pieces of safety equipment, such as helmets and reflective belts, to attendees.

The Dubai Police, in conjunction with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), emphasised the need to adhere to speed regulations, which can differ from one location to another.

Dubai Police tells the drivers the speed limits.

The speed limit is set at twenty kilometres per hour in residential and seaside zones, and it is thirty kilometres per hour on Meydan Street and shared roadways. When it comes to the Seih Al Salam and Al Qudra lines, there are no speed limits implemented.

Dubai Police sets fines for electric scooter violations

Riders who put their own lives or the lives of others in jeopardy are subject to receiving fines of up to Dh300. If you ride a bicycle or an electric scooter without a permit, you will be subject to a penalty of Dh200. Additionally, if you fail to comply with speed regulations, you may be fined between Dh100 and Dh300.

"It is important for all road users, including drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians, to understand their responsibilities in order to achieve the highest levels of safety," mentioned Maj-Gen Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, who is the director of the General Department of Traffic.

Residents of residential districts created by Emaar and Nakheel were the focus of the most recent campaign, which specifically targeted bicycles and riders of electric scooters.

"All relevant entities in Dubai are exerting substantial efforts to ensure road safety through extensive traffic awareness campaigns to reduce traffic violations and accidents," Major-General Al Mazrouei told reporters.

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