RTA issues a new decision regarding delivery service in Dubai

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The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai issued a new decision regarding delivery service.

A new RTA decision is issued concerning delivery service in Dubai.

It is possible that all delivery riders in Dubai may soon be utilising electric motorcycles.

Regarding the delivery service, a new statement was made by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai.

In relation to the delivery service in Dubai, the RTA has issued a new ruling.

A new RTA decision is issued concerning delivery service in Dubai.

Thursday marked the introduction of a prototype electric bicycle by Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), which is aimed at encouraging delivery companies to transition to environmentally friendly electric bicycles.

"Muhannad Khaled Al Muhairi, Director of Commercial Transport Activities at RTA's Licencing Agency, stated that the objective of this initiative is to broaden and improve the scope of current and future commercial transport services, as well as to accelerate the shift towards zero-emission transportation means," he said.

According to Al Muhairi, the RTA worked along with industry experts "to research and develop a prototype e-bike model that is suitable for the job nature of the delivery business." The goal of this collaboration was to encourage businesses to adopt environmentally friendly and green modes of transportation.

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai will install specialised charging facilities throughout the emirate.

The RTA will set up specialized charging stations all over the emirate.

In addition, there is a plan to install charging stations for electric bicycles all across the city of Dubai.

In his statement, Al Muhairi emphasised that the transition to electric bicycles will "cut operational costs by reducing dependence on fossil fuels."

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