UAE urges private sector firms to allow remote work amid severe weather

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Due to the unpredictable weather, private sector enterprises in the UAE have been encouraged to let their workers work remotely.

Remote work is recommended due to the weather

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation issued a circular on Friday, March 8, urging private sector companies to enable remote work for employees amidst unstable weather conditions. The directive emphasized the importance of flexible working arrangements to ensure employee safety during periods of weather instability. It stressed the need for companies to implement cautionary measures and adhere to occupational safety standards to safeguard their workforce.

Ras Al Khaimah government schools resort to remote learning

Ras Al Khaimah government schools introduced remote learning on Friday due to the bad weather. This decision is consistent with initiatives that prioritize the safety of students and staff in the face of inclement weather. This action highlights the proactive stance that academic institutions have taken in order to mitigate potential hazards linked to severe weather phenomena.

Forecast for the weekend

The UAE's Meteorology Department forecasts heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and hail across the country from Friday evening, March 8, until noon on Sunday, March 10. These weather phenomena are expected to lead to localized flooding in certain areas. Additionally, strong winds may reduce visibility on roads, particularly during the overnight period from Friday to Saturday.

Authorities are prepared to manage any emergencies arising from the adverse weather conditions. The Ministry of Interior has confirmed that police, rescue teams, paramedics, and civil defense personnel are on high alert and equipped to respond swiftly to any incidents. This coordinated effort aims to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and visitors during the period of heightened weather-related risks.

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