Dubai Roads announces a ban on some vehicles in several areas

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The Road and Communications Authority announced a 24-hour ban on the movement of trucks on the streets of the Ned Shaba Reserve after coordination and study with the General Command of the Dubai Police and after the completion of the first phase of the development of the Square Street and the transformation of the rotor into light-controlled traffic intersections.

Dubai Roads forbid truck traffic on the streets of the Ned Shaba Reserve.

The Authority has been implementing the embargo since the beginning of December, having installed beacons and alarms to prohibit the movement of trucks in street entrances and bypass roads from Horse Street and Square Street and to coordinate with real estate and development companies in the region.

According to the Authority, recent bans on the movement of trucks have been taken on the basis of strategic plans for the development of areas and reserves in the Emirate of Dubai in the coming period, emphasising that the Nd al-Shaba area is one of the areas that will be re-engineered and developed in the next 10 years.

Dubai Roads announced a ban on truck traffic on some of the inner roads of the Shab'a Ned Reserve.

The road traffic ban was subject to numerous engineering and technical studies and details, based on vehicle density, traffic accident statistics, the state of physical development on both sides of the street, and the distribution of vehicle traffic on alternative routes capable of absorbing traffic.

Development companies in the Nd al-Shaba area and heavy vehicle drivers have called for the use of the Authority's alternative routes for truck traffic, and in cases where trucks are forced to pass the prohibited streets, drivers are required to apply for a permit for the movement of heavy vehicles at the time and in the embargo zones of the Dubai Prince's traffic regime, which is linked to the Road and Communications Authority and the Dubai Police, in accordance with the conditions and procedures followed.

The Authority has confirmed that it will work with its partners in the Dubai police and the relevant authorities to monitor and follow up on the movement of the embargo on the prohibited streets and roads, invest all means and media to familiarise drivers with the new exclusion zones, and will also violate all drivers and owners of heavy vehicles who do not comply with the instructions and requirements for the passage of heavy vehicles on the streets of the Emirate of Dubai.

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