UAE to launch the world first 5G e-bike with 3 cameras and collision alert soon

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The world's inaugural 5G e-bike has debuted, offering riders a suite of advanced features, including video chat capabilities and collision warnings, to ensure a safe journey.

This fully electric bike boasts speeds of up to 45km per hour, although velocity can be adjusted to comply with local regulations. Utilizing an AI-powered detection system integrated with Android technology, a rear-mounted sensor with a 140-degree field of view continuously monitors the rider's surroundings, issuing real-time alerts to enhance awareness and prevent accidents.

Equipped with a 64MP front-facing camera for live streaming adventures, an 8MP front display camera for video calls, and a 2MP rear camera for enhanced safety and object detection, the bike offers comprehensive surveillance capabilities. A weatherproof 7-inch touchscreen display provides vital information such as battery status, speed, distance, and maps, ensuring riders stay focused on their journey.

Beyond its safety features, the bike doubles as a mobile hotspot, extending connectivity to riders wherever they go and facilitating live streaming and social sharing of trail experiences.

Additionally, bike-to-bike communication enables real-time mapping and tracking, enhancing navigational precision. With a battery that can be fully charged in just a few hours, riders can enjoy up to 100km of travel on flat terrain.

The bike was unveiled by Orbic at the MWC 2024 in Barcelona, marking a significant advancement in electronic mobility. Orbic's President and CEO, Mike Narula, expressed excitement about revolutionizing the riding experience with 5G connectivity and AI technology, promoting safety, connectivity, and environmental responsibility.

Senior Vice President of Global Product Development at Orbic, Hugo Hernandez, emphasized the bike's safety features, including remote locking capabilities to prevent unauthorized use. The bike is slated for release in the US in the second quarter and in the UAE, Middle East, Europe, and other regions in the third quarter. Distribution will be through telecom service providers and retail partners, with pricing details to be announced closer to launch.

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